JWC Wins Several Large Orders for Monster Separation Systems


JWC’s perforated plate fine screen helps provide a high capture rate of wastewater solids which allows for a discharge that is remarkably clean and ready for disposal.

In recent weeks JWC Environmental has landed several major headworks upgrade projects for wastewater treatment plants in the USA and China. The purchase orders for Monster Separation Systems® underscore the popularity of perforated plate finescreens to capture and remove far more debris at the headworks.

Finescreens have higher screen capture ratios, removing more material than bar screens pick-up, according to an independent UK Water Industry Research report.

“The industry is moving towards finer screening,” said Kenny Oyler, Director of Monster Separation Systems. “Our perforated plate finescreens are more popular than ever because it’s more important than ever to remove all the unwanted debris at the headworks.”

Westchester County (NY) New Rochelle WWTP

As part of a facility upgrade, Westchester County is purchasing a new JWC Monster Separation System for their $173m upgrade of the New Rochelle facility. The Bandscreen Monsters® use perforated panels with small, circular openings ¼” (6mm) in size. The high-capture rate Bandscreens will protect tertiary biofilters designed to purify the water and remove nitrogen in order to protect Long Island Sound. Each Bandscreen is paired with a Screenings Washer Monster® to clean, dewater and compact captured screenings.

The order includes:

  • 4 – Bandscreen Monsters
  • 4 –Screenings Washer Monsters

Each Bandscreen Monster is rated for 21 million gallons per day (3300 m3/h).

The contractor on the project is Yonkers Construction Company and the project engineer is Savin Design Engineers. The equipment consultant is GP Jager and Associates.

Western Wake (Central NC) Water Reclamation Facility

As part of a major initiative to ensure public health, provide additional wastewater treatment capacity and meet environmental goals several cities in central North Carolina joined forces to build a new wastewater collection, treatment and water recycling system. The cities of Apex, Cary and Morrisville formed the Western Wake Partnership to fund the investment in advanced wastewater treatment.

The order for headworks screens includes:

  • 2 – Finescreen Monsters®
  • 2 – Screenings Washer Monsters (model SWM4018 featuring Macho Monster grinders)

Each finescreen is capable of screening 40 mgd (6300 m3/h).

The contractor chosen to build the plant is Crowder Construction. The engineering team of ARCADIS and CH2M Hill designed this new facility which is scheduled to be online in early 2014. JWC’s representative on the project is Heyward, Charlotte.

Huangcun (Beijing, China) Wastewater Treatment Plant

This new wastewater treatment facility will use advanced membrane bioreactor technology to thoroughly clean and purify wastewater before it is released back into the environment. The inlet works will consist of a three-step screening process, with Bandscreen Monsters as the final and most important screening step. They will ensure the MBRs are protected from hair, rags and small bits of debris. The order also includes several Screenings Washer Monsters.

The order includes:

  • 5 – Bandscreen Monsters with 1mm perforations
  • 3 – Screenings Washer Monsters

Each screen can handle 10.4 MGD (1640 m3/h). JWC’s Chinese distributor IVY Canada served as the machinery specialist on the project and will oversee the delivery and start-up of the new Bandscreens.