JWCE Wins Large Headworks Upgrade Project for Inland Empire Utilities Agency

JWC Environmental was awarded a purchase order for a Monster Separation System at IEUA’s Regional Water Recycling Plant Number 4 in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The plant is undergoing an expansion to handle 14 million gallons per day (2,200 m3/h).

The order includes:

“The plant was having trouble with material bypassing the old bar screens, issues with hair and rags clogging pumps and building up inside the sludge digesters,” said Tom Roberson of Misco Water, the equipment consultant on the project. “IEUA carefully examined all their options, including screening the sludge, but decided the best choice was fine screens at the headworks. They want to remove all the debris right at the headworks.”

The Finescreen Monsters will stand nearly 30′ (9m) tall and can each handle a max flow of 36 mgd (5,700 m3/h).

IEUA operates several water reclamation facilities in Southern California’s Inland Empire. Plant number 4 is a water recycling facility which purfies wastewater to meet strict California Title 22 reuse requirements.

Once the plant is upgraded – wastewater will enter the plant’s influent pumping station; pass through the perforated plate Finescreen Monsters; then primary settling; secondary aeration; bio-nutrient removal; sand filters and finally through a chlorine disinfection process. The purified water is used for cooling water in a local power plant as well as for irrigation on parkways, medians and golf courses.

JWCE’s Finescreen Monster uses high-strength UHMW, perforated screening panels to capture rags and debris and remove them from the wastewater. Small ¼” (6mm) circular openings capture all debris including small items – such as cigarette butts, latex and plastics. Screenings Washer Monster then grinds, cleans, dries and compacts the debris before depositing it in a trash bin, ready for landfill disposal. It removes nearly all fecal matter and has reduced the cubic volume at some sites by 95%. Cleaner, more compact discharged screenings helps reduce the expense of hauling and landfilling screenings.

Misco Water is an equipment consultant with offices in Northern and Southern California, and Las Vegas, NV.