Channel Monster Grinders Help Northern Ireland Water

JWCI’s Channel Monsters protect several Band Screens at the inlet works of this Northern Ireland wastewater treatment facility.

JWC International, along with our distributor in Northern Ireland, Williams Industrial Services, (WIS) was invited by Michael McAlary, Functional Manager within Waste Water Services, Northern Ireland Water Limited (NIW) to conduct a site survey at Moygashel WwTW (1,100 l/sec inlet flow) in Dungannon where they were experiencing repeated operational and maintenance issues with the existing Fine Band Screens and Screenings Handling Equipment.

The cause of these problems included, amongst others, the first flush surcharge from the gravity main after heavy rainfall, flowing immediately onto the 6mm Inlet Band Screens, overloading the screens and causing them to blind. This was occurring 3-4 times a week requiring operator call-outs and manual labour to clean them, especially in the winter months.

The lack of effectiveness of the existing Inlet Screens in coping with the peaking factor from first flush has resulted in screenings being forced through the entire wastewater process. NIW had estimated that there was on average, an additional resource requirement of 16 man-hours per week.

A solution was proposed to Michael McAlary, recommending the installation of the JWCI Channel Monster heavy duty grinders to precondition the full flow and protect the screens from overload and damage by essentially acting as a control buffer.

The Channel Monster consists of two rotating drums feeding the captured solids into a heavy duty grinder. This grinding process effectively controls the rate at which the solids hit the screen and at the same time reduces them to smaller, uniform particle size, releasing the faecal matter to allow it to remain in the flow and not be removed by the screen.

The entire installation was project managed by JWCI, with the mechanical and electrical installation undertaken by WIS and was completed in less than one working day.

The Channel Monsters have been operating continuously for over one year and have solved the issues with the inlet screens previously experienced by the site operators.

Although the remit was principally to provide a resolution to issues over the peaking factor loading at the inlet screens, JWCI also solved problems with the existing screenings handling equipment which has greatly benefited from the installation of the Channel Monsters.

Previously, the screenings handling units were unable to process heavier plugs of rags and solids that were screened and removed from the flow by the inlet screens. The Site Operators continually had to unblock these plugs that built up within the screenings handling units.

The grinders protect the band screens from build-up, allowing the spray wash system to work more effectively. (credit: Chris Spencer, JWCI)

The above solution has been seen by both NIW Senior Management Team and the Moygashel Site Operators as a great success, proving that installation of JWCI Grinders can quickly and cost-effectively resolve operational issues on-site with minimal disruption to either civils or operations.

Additionally, we have proven that grinding of the incoming flow before inlet screens and screenings handling equipment ensures these processes are far less problematic.

Michael McAlary, the NIW Senior Manager, commented; “Fundamentally, meeting compliance at a reduction in overall operation costs is our game. In today’s economic climate where Northern Ireland Water are looking at ways of reducing our whole life costs and at the same time having to meet the ever-tighter environment consent standards, I needed a simple, easy to install and maintain solution to enhance the Inlet Works and in so doing, protecting the entire process. In Moygashel, JWCI has more than met my expectations and provided my team with a simple solution in the form of their Channel Monster Grinders”.

Continues Chris Spencer, European Regional Sales Manager for JWCI, “We have shown that we can quickly resolve many operational problems both upstream and downstream of screening systems by the installation of our grinding equipment and would welcome any opportunities to visit sites throughout the UK to identify any operational problems and offer cost-effective, practical solutions.”