JWCE Awarded $1.2M Sewage Grinder Project to Replace Bar Screens

JWC’s Channel Monster XD 2.5 will replace bar screens.

JWC Environmental received a $1.2 million dollar order this week for several of our large Channel Monster® XD2.5 grinders. These massive systems were ordered to replace old climber bar screens located in pump stations throughout the New England area.  The old screens were causing several problems, including falling apart, increased maintenance, rising costs and odor concerns.

The new, powerful Channel Monsters can handle nearly 60 million gallons per day of wastewater and use two rows of sharp steel cutter teeth to shred trash, rags, rocks, branches and debris into small particles that flow easily through pumps and pipes.

Screenings can then pass through the pump station and be screened out when they reach the headworks of the wastewater treatment plant. This eliminates noise, cost, odor and access problems associated with screening debris inside pump stations. JWC’s exclusive immersible motors also allow reliable grinding in very deep pump stations, like these New York City Dept of Environmental Protection (NYC-DEP) facilities, where periodic flooding can occur.

Consulting engineers, Dvirka and Bartilucci, specified the patented Channel Monsters and is managing the design work. JWC representative G.P. Jager & Associates is overseeing the integration of these Monsters as part of the NYC-DEP pumping station upgrade projects. Channel Monsters are made in the USA at JWC’s two factories in Santa Ana, California and Buford, Georgia.