NEW SWM-XE Gets Tough on Wastewater Solids

Screenings Washer Monster-XE

JWC Environmental’s Screenings Washer Monster® (SWM-XE) just got tougher! The newly redesigned SWM-XE features a programmable controller, a new low profile tank design and a triple zone wash system for the cleanest discharge in the industry.  The Screenings Washer Monster-XE is a patented, self-contained, hopper-fed system used to effectively grind, wash, compact and dewater the rags and trash captured by wastewater screens and  is available as part of our complete Monster Separation System® fine screen unit or for installation to accept solids behind current screen(s).

JWCE’s patented Smart Controller™ logic has three fully programmable operational stages that continually monitor the operation of the system. Each stage provides separate controls to provide proper washing of solids.

“The Smart Controller acts like a personal system engineer,” said Rob Sabol, JWCE’s Director of Engineering. “Continually making adjustments based on incoming content and flow allows the Screenings Washer Monster to produce the best quality discharge.”  Discharged screenings are cleaner, drier and less expensive to transport and dispose of at landfills. 

The new low profile wash tank design is large enough to deal with heavy solids loading and still properly wash  material via separate inlet, washing and dewatering zones. Two inspection ports allow operators to visually inspect the inside of the tank. The low height profile also allows the SWM-XE to fit into challenging installation retro-fit requirements.

The SWM-XE uses a triple zone spray wash system to eliminate nearly all fecal matter and reduce foul odors. An initial spray wash zone, in the hopper, washes incoming solids as they are fed directly onto the cutters of the grinder, allowing quick processing, especially when greasy material is involved.  The second zone is located between the grinder and auger. This patented use of wash water after the grinder washes soft organics (fecal) from ground captured solids and provides homogenous, dry discharge. The third wash zone is located in the lower tank and ensures the screen and pipe remain clear.

A Muffin Monster® (or Macho Monster) dual-shafted grinder preconditions solids entering the washer compactor, breaking up clumps of debris and rags so more surface area is exposed to the washing system. Fecal matter is easier to liquefy and returns to the plant flow where it belongs. With the fecal matter removed, the screenings can be more thoroughly dewatered and compacted, making screenings produced by the SWM the cleanest, most compact in the industry, with up to 95% reduction in screenings volume and up to 50% dry solids content.

See the Screenings Washer Monster in action HERE >