Two U.S. Patents for Monster Blind Diagnostic System


JWC Environmental is pleased to announce it has received two U.S. patents (Nos. 7,771,589 & 7,854,850) for its Monster Blind Diagnostic System™ (MBDS) technology. The newly patented MBDS adds more features to the popular line of Finescreens by notifying plant managers about screen blinding and any upsets in the system – giving operators plenty of time to adjust the flow or the screens well before an incident can occur. The controller can even suggest preventative maintenance steps to improve operation.

“We listened to customers tell us that a device is needed to determine the percent of screen blinding.  No one else in the screening market has developed a system to tell the customer how efficiently the screen is operating,” said Scott Kelly, JWC Director of Sales.

The chief benefit of MBDS is it allows the screen to work at optimal efficiency. Also, it continuously updates the control room allowing the end user to determine average operating blinding levels for the screen. It detects upsets like heavy solids loading (grease), the need to adjust the cleaning brush or the need to replace a spray nozzle.

“The MBDS is another example of JWC constantly improving our technology.  In addition, MBDS adds to JWC’s credibility and proves we are the market leader in Finescreen technology,” added Kelly.

The MBDS is available for the entire Monster Separation System® family of finescreens, including Finescreen Monster®, Bandscreen Monster®, Chain & Rake Monster® and Catenary Monster™. It is also easy to incorporate into existing screens using PLC technology in the control package.