JWCE Wins Another Large California Headworks Project

In February JWC’s Monster Separation System was chosen by Daly City, California for their headworks reconstruction project. Two old filter screens currently in use are obsolete technology and failing.

Order includes:

“They were very interested in Finescreens,” said Dwight Craig of Misco Water, the equipment consultant on the project. “They chose JWC’s high-quality, robust fine screens to keep rags and trash our of their treatment process. This is a real nice upgrade for them.”

Daly City’s facility treats about 10 million gallons per day and produces recycled water for landscape and golf course irrigation. The purified water meets California’s strict Title 22 recycled water requirements.  Biosolids are also recycled as landfill cover and fertilizer.

JWC’s Finescreen Monster uses high-strength UHMW, perforated screening panels to capture rags and debris and remove them from the wastewater. Small ¼” (6mm) circular openings capture all debris including small items – such as cigarette butts, latex and plastics. Screenings Washer Monster then grinds, cleans, dries and compacts the debris before depositing it in a trash bin, ready for landfill disposal. Finescreen Monster’s small openings are proven to capture twice as much debris as a bar screen in independent, UK government testing.

Screenings Washer Monster XE also includes a new Smart Controller and triple zone spray wash to thoroughly clean and compact debris. It removes nearly all fecal matter and has reduced the cubic volume at some sites by 95%. Cleaner, more compact discharged screenings helps save more money on hauling and landfill expenses.

Daly City’s facility is unique – it is one of the few with an underground equalization and primary sedimentation tank. Built in 1989 the underground tank preserves the residential and recreational setting of the neighborhood.

The City’s Engineering Department completed the design work.  Oakland based Monterey Mechanical is the project contractor and a major builder of wastewater pumping stations and treatment plants in the Bay Area. Misco Water is an equipment consultant with offices in Northern and Southern California, and Las Vegas, NV.