Chinese Water Officials Visit the Muffin Monster

Chinese water officials, led by Li You, from the Sichuan Dept. of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (fifth from left) and Ron Duecker, President of JWC (seventh from left) visited JWC and the OCSD Facility in Fountain Valley

On March 10th a delegation of eleven Chinese water officials from Sichuan Province visited JWC in Costa Mesa to hear a presentation about the Monster family of wastewater solutions. The luncheon was hosted by Ronald A. Duecker, JWC’s President, and covered the complete range of products.

Mr. Duecker explained each product and its application, from Muffin Monster® sewage grinders to Monster Separation System® fine screens. The Muffin Monster name is so well recognized several people in the delegation already knew about them and had seen Muffin Monsters installed in China.

The delegation is studying water and wastewater treatment technologies and spent several days touring facilities in Southern California. Including an in-depth tour of the award winning Groundwater Replenishment System (GWRS) in Fountain Valley.  The GWRS is a joint project of the Orange County Water District and Orange County Sanitation District. OCSD is a major Muffin Monster customer – using about a dozen in-line grinders to protect sludge pumps and break-up solids in sludge lines.

Ivy Canada, JWC’s distributor in China, provided the presentation and literature in Chinese for the delegation.