Muffin Monster Grinder Cracks the Case of the Cocaine Eggs

In one of our more unusual applications for contraband destruction, JWC International and our distributor Rotaserve installed a Muffin Monster model 30004T inside a major European airport’s wastewater treatment facility in order to destroy cocaine-filled eggs.

Apparently, criminals were flushing the eggs filled with cocaine inside the airport and then letting them ride through the sewer system and into the airport’s wastewater treatment facility where a typical bar screen would remove them from the wastewater channel and deposit them into a dumpster.

Then, late at night criminals would break into the treatment facility, dig through the screenings dumpster and pull out the cocaine-filled eggs.

The vandalism and crime were causing major headaches for the airport authorities and the wastewater treatment plant operators, so Rotaserve recommended the powerful, dual-shafted Muffin Monster sewage grinder. With one bite from the Muffin Monster’s sharp steel cutters, those cocaine eggs are dust.

Problem solved!

Over 25,000 Muffin Monsters have been installed in wastewater treatment facilities and correctional facilities to grind up rags, trash, plastics (and cocaine eggs!) that threaten to clog sewage systems.