Case Study: Ontario WWTP Enjoys Fine Screening with Screenings Washer Monsters


When you screen wastewater with 1/4” (6mm) perforated plate panels you are going to capture a lot of stuff. The result? Tons of trash and debris – big stuff, small stuff and smelly stuff – pulled from the wastewater channel along with tons of fecal matter.

That’s where JWC’s Screenings Washer Monster comes in – it’s the industry’s most powerful compactor incorporating a grinder, wash zones and a compactor to clean debris, wash off fecal matter and produce a cleaner, drier screenings discharge.

This powerful compacting is why the two massive pollution control plants in Mississauga, Ontario have installed twelve Screenings Washer Monsters (SWM) behind their fine screens. The headworks system screens out all debris and also gets the organics cleaned off so it doesn’t cause massive odor problems.

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