JWC Environmental Honors Our Veterans

Richard Woznick, an Air Force Master Sergeant, in Iraq

In honor of Veterans Day, JWC Environmental wishes to recognize and thank the following team members for their service in the United States Armed Forces. And to all not listed or no longer with us we also offer our deepest gratitude and heartfelt thanks for serving our country:

Hank Asmussen
Technical Writer/MSS Team, JWCE – CA
U.S. Air Force
Electronic Systems/Systems Command
Cliff Mason
QC Receiving Inspector, JWCE – CA
U.S. Marine Corps.
Edwin Ban
Document Administrator/Grinder Team, JWCE – CA
U.S. Army
Infantry -Two Iraq tours
Dan Roland
R & D Mechanical Engineer, JWCE – CA
U.S. Navy
Lieutenant, O-3
Aviation Maintenance Officer,
assigned to F-4 Fighter Squadron, USS
Roosevelt Aircraft Carrier and VF-171,
also F-4 Fighter Squadron, NAS
Oceana, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Rick Felix
QC Inspector, JWCE – CA
U.S. Marine Corps.
Gary Smith
Product Team Manager/Grinders, JWCE – CA
U.S. Air Force / Army National Guard
Navigator C-130
Jesse Gonzalez
QC Electrical Testing, JWCE – CA
U.S. Marine Corps.
Jeff Smith
IT Specialist, JWCE – CA
U.S. Marine Corp.
Corporal (E-4)
2nd BN, 8th Marines
Jesse Hartley
Regional Aftermarket Manager-Western Region
U.S. Navy
Vietnam Veteran -1968
Jerry Withey
Inside Sales/Grinder Team – JWCE – CA
U.S. Navy
3rd Submarine Service (the old Diesel boats)
Jason Kanawyer
Product Support, JWCE – CA
U.S. Air Force
Airman First Class
Richard Woznick
Operations Manager, JWCE – GA
U.S. Air Force
Master Sergeant
First Sergeant in a Security Forces Squadron