Photos: New Bandscreen Monster for Hilton Head’s Headworks

JWCE recently completed start-up of a new Monster Separation System for the headworks of the Hilton Head, South Carolina wastewater treatment plant. The system consists of a high-flow, high-capture Bandscreen Monster and the super-powerful Screenings Washer Monster which produces ultra-clean screenings discharge.

According to plant operators, the Bandscreen Monster is replacing a poorly performing “rotating mat” screen from another manufacturer which never worked well from the start.

The Bandscreen Monster consists of a rotating band of UHMW perforated panels with 1/4″ circular openings. The screen panels rotate down and into the wastewater channel and then back up and out – lifting rags, trash, plastics and hair up to deck level and discharging the debris into the Screenings Washer Monster for cleaning and compacting.

The Bandscreen Monster has an incredibly high capture rate according to independent testing conducted in the UK. This protects downstream pumps and systems by removing nearly all the rags and hair which can cause so many problems if they get past the headworks screen. Nothing gets by this Monster!

The screen also has a very small footprint – one of the only wastewater screens which can be installed perpendicular and retrofits into existing channels and headworks.

Photos by Brian Prunty, JWC Field Service Supervisor.