Video: Muffin Monsters Help Protect Pumps from Ragging and Clogging

Muffin Monster grinders are a powerful way to protect pumps from clogging and ragging. Dual-shafted Muffin Monsters and our larger Channel Monster grinders are installed in sewage pump stations to shred rags, wipes and debris into small particles so they flow easily through pumps and pipelines.

A new threat to sewage pumps are “flushable” wipes and disposable cleaning rags used in the home. These materials can build up inside a pump and slowly reduce its efficiency or worse, seize the pump completely. This leads to costly (and incredibly messy) maintenance and can even lead to a sewer spill. These items do not belong in the sewerage system – bin them, don’t flush them.

The Muffin Monster loves to devour “flushables”, check out our new video grind test:  Flushable Wipes Video.