Auger Monster Goes Nuclear in the Midwest

The newly installed Auger Monster XE at a nuclear facility in the Midwest. Notice the pivot stand at the auger’s midpoint. This tilt and swivel feature makes it far easier to inspect the auger screen and spray bars.

JWCE technicians recently started up one of our next-generation Auger Monster XE wastewater screens at a large nuclear power facility in Illinois. The screen removes rags, trash, plastics and debris from wastewater generated at the site. The facility has about 800 employees and sits on over 2,000 thousand acres in rural Illinois.

The Auger Monster XE combines a rugged Muffin Monster grinder, a perforated screening trough with tiny 1/4″ (6mm) circular openings and a rotating auger screw. The grinder shreds debris so the spray wash system can more thoroughly clean it up and remove fecal material. Debris is then conveyed, compacted and discharged into a dumpster. The screened wastewater then safely flows into the rest of the treatment process.

The new XE design also allows the auger to easily pivot and swivel out of the channel – a JWCE exclusive.

At this facility, the wastewater channel was also extremely narrow – only about 1′ (0.3m) across. This was not a problem, the Auger Monster with 170mm diameter auger easily fit the job. It was a perfect fit.