With New Bandscreens, Big Fork Looks Toward Plant Upgrades

The big Bandscreens of Big Fork. There are two Bandscreens and two Screenings Washer Monsters at work in Big Fork’s headworks. (photo credit: John Grucella)

JWCE customer Big Fork Water & Sewer District has been operating a pair of Bandscreen Monsters for two years now and the Superintendent reports they are running well. The Bandscreen uses a rotating loop of perforated panels with very small 5/64″ (2mm) circular openings to capture all rags, trash, hair, floss and other debris in the wastewater. Debris is then sluiced to the Screenings Washer Monster where it is ground-up, washed and compacted into a neat, clean and dry screenings plug. The cleaned screenings are sent to the landfill.

With the Monster Separation System now guarding the treatment plant in the new headworks building, the District is looking to upgrade the rest of the process. The last plant upgrade was completed in 1986 with an estimated life span of 20 years according to the Big Fork Eagle newspaper. The upgrade is needed to ensure compliance with local and state health and environmental regulations.

The facility treats wastewater from the town and local residents and helps protect Flathead Lake as well as rivers in this popular and scenic part of Montana.

The consulting engineer on the project is Brown & Caldwell. JWCE’s representative on the project is Dale McBain of Apsco.