Chain & Rake Monster Start-up in Northern Mexico

JWC recently completed construction on a massive Chain & Rake Monster® bar screen for the northern Mexican city of Mexicali. The system also includes JWC‘s innovative Screenings Washer Monster® – a modular system that grinds, washes, dewaters and compacts sewage screenings to produce a clean, dry discharge.

The integrated Macho Monster grinder breaks up clumps of rags, debris and fecal matter to help this washer compactor achieve dry solids content up to 50% and reduce the weight/volume of material by up to 95%. The integrated Screenings Washer Monster and Chain & Rake screen are called the Monster Separation System® (MSS for short).

JWC‘s distributor in central Mexico, Aranda Sistemas Y Equipos Hidraulicos, handled the design and installation of the giant bar screen and Screenings Washer Monster. Their team is also assisting the customer with start-up and training.

Monster Separation Systems are manufactured at JWC‘s factories in Santa Ana, California and in Virginia.