JWC Awarded $1.5M Reclamation Facility Retrofit

The Crooked Creek Water Reclamation Facility in Gwinnett County, Georgia will soon get a much-needed facelift, reports the Atlanta Citizen.

As part of their $21.4 million in upgrades and improvements, the facility placed an order for three Bandscreen Monsters® and two Screenings Washer Monsters®.  The Bandscreen Monster is an innovative traveling fine screen with a unique inside-out flow pattern. Wastewater enters the screen and then flows through the left or right sides of the screen through the moving panels. The panels, with 1/4” (6mm) perforated openings, lift solids and unwanted material out of the flow and to deck level where a series of deluge spray nozzles flush the material into the Screenings Washer Monster where they are ground into small particles then cleaned, washed and dewatered before being pushed out the exit chute as clean, dry disposable waste.

The upgrades include construction of new headworks, a new influent pump station with electrical building, and upgrades to existing odor-control facilities along with new piping, a new flow meter, and a backflow prevention system. Future projects will add new solids handling and disinfection facilities to the plant. When finished, the Crooked Creek plant will treat 25 million gallons per day (mgd), up from its current 16 mgd limit, and will be easily expandable.

Mike White with Heyward, Inc., JWC’s representative in Georgia, will oversee installation and start-up.  Pizzagalli Construction Co., Inc. is the general contractor.