What happens after it gets flushed?

Ron Senf, Senior Operator at Desert Dunes Water Reclamation Facility (Photo by Jared Dort-YumaSun.com)

excerpt from:
McDaniel, Chris. “What happens after it gets flushed?.” Aug. 09, 2009.
(accessed 3/3/2010).

For many living within the city limits, the thought of what happens to the contents of their potty ends when they flush their toilet; but that is just the beginning of a long and complicated journey to a city of Yuma wastewater treatment plant.

The Desert Dunes Water Reclamation Facility, located on an 80-acre parcel of land on the east mesa, stands ready to receive three million gallons of raw sewage each day, which it transforms into safe, reusable water.

Raw sewage is pumped into the facility and passes through an enormous grinder of sorts called the Auger Monster, which is a constantly turning water screw designed to reduce large objects into much smaller pieces. According to city employees, the industrial-sized garbage disposal can chew up anything, including tennis shoes, as well as daily waste byproducts such as toilet paper, tampons and condoms.

After passing through the Auger Monster, the “grit” is separated from the water. Two grit pumps gather the grit and transfer it to a grit classifier. The remaining wastewater is sent through a series of blowers, which oxygenate the liquid.

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