Muffin Monster® Equipment is GREEN in More Ways Than One!

Congress and the Administration are anxious to put Americans back to work with the economic stimulus package and will allocate $4 billion to the Clean Water State Revolving Fund over two years.

Half of the funding will be spent within 180 days and most States are already approving priority projects; in addition, the second year of stimulus funding is a wide-open opportunity to apply for loans or grants to purchase new equipment and/or make upgrades.

Replacing worn-out equipment with JWC technologies is simple, quick and affordable – plus our innovative solutions provide long-lasting benefits. In addition, Congress requests 20% of the funding go toward “green” energy and water efficiency projects at wastewater treatment plants.

We’ve highlighted the green benefits associated with each of our technologies –

Short-Term / Immediate Projects
Muffin Monster®
Small Pump Station Grinder

• We do the design work
• Easily bolts onto the wall
• Fits almost any pump station – in-channel or wall mounted
• Effectively grinds rags, trash, wood and debris to protect pumps
• Helps prevent sewage spills

Green benefit: Eliminates trash truck trips to your pump station.

Channel Monster®
High Flow Pump Station Grinder

• Simple design work
• Little to no civil work
• Fits almost any pump station – in channel or wall-mounted
• Incredibly powerful – grinds rags, trash, plastics, wood and debris to protect pumps
• The large XD 2.5 model is designed to handle first flush storm loading
• Exclusive immersible motor

Green benefit: Helps prevent sewage spills.
Green benefit: Replaces pump station bar screens so trash truck trips can be eliminated. Inorganic solids are removed at the treatment plant headworks

Mid-Term / Efficiency Projects
Auger Monster®
Affordable headworks screen for small and rural facilities

• Install a brand new headworks
• Customized to fit your channel and site
• Little civil work needed
• Clean and compact
• All flow passes through a perforated screen with 1/10”, 1/8” or 1/4” (2, 3 or 6mm) openings
• Excellent washing
• Optional built-in compactor
• Optional built-in bagger
• Ask your engineer or consultant to look at the Auger Monster.

Green benefit: The all-in-one system eliminates separate washer-compactor so it is more energy efficient
Green benefit: Helps eliminate standing water sent to the landfill

Screenings Washer Monster
The industry’s cleanest screenings

• Retrofits to most existing screens
• Dewaters screenings up to 50% or more
• Reduces the volume of screenings up to 80% or more
• Many treatment plants have cut their disposal costs in half or more
• Grinder and wash system help remove more soft organics
• Greatly reduces odors

Green benefit: Helps cut down on trash truck trips to the landfill.
Green benefit: Helps eliminate standing water sent to the landfill.

Honey Monster®
Septage receiving station

• A Honey Monster septage receiving area is a simple and quick project which helps the treatment plant run more efficiently and brings in needed revenue.
• Complete engineered system
• Grinds, screens and compacts unwanted material typically found in septage, such as rags, clothing, trash and plastics
• MonsterTrack controller records the driver, discharge amount, pH and other details to make billing and invoicing easier

Green benefit: Ensures compliance with local septage discharge regulations

Longer-Term / Efficiency Projects
Finescreen Monster®
Monster Separation System®

• Install brand new fine screens
• In most cases retrofits into your existing channel and building
• Low profile and easy to install
• Perforated panels with 1/8” or 1/4” (3 or 6mm) circular openings capture far more trash and small debris than bar screens.
• StapleGuard™ UHMW panels are long-lasting and easy to change
• Monster Blind Diagnostic System monitors and controls the system providing detailed flow data and performance information
• Ask your engineer or consultant to look at the Finescreen Monster.

Green benefit: Integrated Screenings Washer Monster® helps clean and compact discharged screenings – at some MSS sites the system captures more trash yet needs fewer trips to the landfill thanks to the SWM.
Green benefit: Fine screens remove most of the trash, plastics and debris ensuring unsightly trash does not end up in the biosolids applied on farmland.

Muffin Monster®
Grease receiving station

• Simple receiving system allows grease to be unloaded into the digesters in order to improve biogas production
• Grinders shred the rags, towels, cutlery and other trash typically found in restaurant grease
• Heavy objects trap removes rocks and large steel items
• Ask your engineer or consultant to look at the Muffin Monster.

Green benefit: Reuse of a once unwanted product (grease) and increased bio-energy production.

Fish Cleaning Station

Clean, cost-effective and reliable

• Turns fish waste into small particles that are easily flushed away.
• Self-contained unit uses a Muffin Monster dual shafted grinder to shred solids, such as fish parts, cans, plates, utensils and fishing lures, preventing clogs and protects downstream equipment.

Green benefit: Small 3HP motor is quick and energy-efficient.