Burley Turns to Bandscreen Monsters for New Wastewater Treatment Plant

A pair of  Monster Bandscreens feed into a Screenings Washer Monster in the headworks of the City of Burley, Idaho’s brand new wastewater treatment plant.

The twin Bandscreens can process up to 11-million gallons each, use 1/4″ (6mm) perforated StapleGuard panels and feed into one Screenings Washer Monster – which grinds, washes, cleans, dries and compacts discharged screenings to get them ready for the landfill. From the article…

Wastewater entering this new plant is screened through a 6-mm bandscreen system, which includes a grinder-compactor. Then, a cyclone de-gritting system removes smaller particles. The main process is a biological nutrient removal system that uses an oxidation ditch with diffused aeration and multistage centrifugal blowers. In this system, mixing and aeration are controlled separately so energy usage can be controlled.