New Design: Auger Monster XE – The Fine Screen that Does it All!

The new Auger Monster XE inlet screening package from JWC International offers substantial improvements, including the new tilt and swivel auger design (a JWCI exclusive) which allows operators to easily bring the screening trough to deck level for inspection. Additional enhancements include: increased removal efficiency with a 35º inclined auger; dual ultrasonic level detectors run the system when needed, saving energy; a “fail-safe” mode ensures continuous operation – even when the electronics are disabled; and all of the frames and covers are made from polished, passivated stainless steel.

The Auger Monster XE combines three of JWCI’s finest technologies – grinder, fine screen and compactor—into an affordable and small package. A powerful Muffin Monster® or Channel Monster® grinder shreds trash and rags which are then captured by the perforated screen (2, 3 or 6mm openings) and conveyed by the rotating auger. As solids move up the auger, fecal matter is washed off in the dual wash water zones. The cleaned screenings continue to the discharge point where a compactor (optional) squeezes out the remaining water.

The Auger Monster fine screen has already been installed in over 1,000 treatment plants and is perfect for small to medium-sized plants with flows up to 1,500 m3/h. The Auger Monster is also used in several hundred correctional facilities because of its rugged design and ability to run unattended 24 hours per day.


JWC International distributes its products through a global network of independent representatives and distributors. In addition, JWC provides extensive sales and service support through regional and international product support centers. JWCI and its worldwide family of employees are committed to providing customers leading-edge products, services and value.

In 1997 the Auger Monster was awarded the Innovative Technology Award in the Solids Handling category by the Water Environment Federation. Over the last 34 years, JWCI has won a total of four Innovative Technology Awards from WEF, more than any other wastewater manufacturer. For more information contact your local JWCI distributor, contact our office or submit a quote request.