Muffin Monster Busts Scum in World-Class MBR Plant

This Muffin Monster model 30004-1206 grinds trash in the scum line to keep the pumps running smoothly. (credit: Eric Dickson, Watermark Environmental)

The January issue of TPO (Treatment Plant Operator Magazine) names the Broad Run Wastewater Reclamation Facility in Ashburn, Va. their Top Performing Plant of the month.

The article details the extensive work Loudoun County went through from start to finish to get this very effective membrane bioreactor plant off to a solid start. Not only is it one of the world’s largest MBR plants, Broad Run has also put a Monster to work there as well.

The Muffin Monster grinder is near the primary clarifiers protecting the scum pumps from clogging on trash and debris. This is a crucial part of Broad Run’s treatment process due to the stringent standards and specific state regulations the 21-acre facility is faced with.

Located in a nearby pump station two Channel Monster model CDD4016 grinders were installed in 2006. These Mega-monsters are also chewing up solids in order to keep the sewage lines clear and protecting the pumps from ragging.

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