See the First Site Pictures of an Auger Monster XE

It’s a beautiful thing – one of the first pictures of an installed next generation Auger Monster XE wastewater screening system.

The high-tech and affordable Auger Monster XE is the next generation of wastewater screen for small and medium flows. The upgraded XE design was unveiled at WEFTEC.06 and continues to demonstrate JWC’s leadership in the design of  perforated auger screening systems. Today we’ve gotten our first site pictures of an installed unit and it looks beautiful!

You can see several cool XE features:

  • Pivot stand and the customer installed hand winch makes it easier to inspect the perforated screen
  • Even higher capture efficiency with the wider 480mm diameter auger
  • The lower installation angle

The Auger Monster XE makes screening up to 11-million gallons per day (1735 m3/h) of wastewater simple, affordable and clean. The optional integrated compactor and auto-bagger mean you get an all-in-one system to grind, screen, convey, compact and even bag the trash for you!

More pictures after the jump!

The Auger XE’s perforated screening trough with 1/4″ (6mm) circular openings captures far more unwanted solids and trash than bar screens – including small pieces trash such as plastics, rags, latex and cigarette butts. The dual wash water systems clean captured solids as they are conveyed out of the wastewater channel.