Village of Boyd Contracts to Handle Waste from Country and Rock Fest

by Crystal Setzer 09.JUL.09

The Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Boyd has been utilized a bit more than usual this past week. The refuse from the “porta potties” at the Country Fest grounds in Cadott is being brought to Boyd to be disposed of in the treatment plant.

Tom Grunewald, Village Foreman, explained that the “Royal Flush” company out of Cadott hauls the waste in trucks that hold up to 3,800 gallons. He said the decision to use the Boyd plant was a good one for all of those involved. “It’s closer for them to haul here. The last couple of years they took it to Rice Lake, but now with the cost of travel and the economy the way it is, Boyd was a little more cost-effective,” he said, adding, “We will be handling Rock Fest also.”

Tom said a lot of the surrounding communities either aren’t set up to handle the extra waste product or just don’t want to deal with it. “It’s really strong stuff, a lot of places won’t take it,” he said.

Grunewald said the WWTP was slated to take in approximately 90,000 to 100,000 gallons. “So far we’ve received about 25,000 gallons, but I expect more trucks to be coming in today,” he said early last week.

When asked what the Village of Boyd charges for accepting the extra refuse, Tom stated, “We charge $31.28 per 1000 gallons.”

The process used to rid the waste is actually quite interesting. First, at the receiving station, the refuse is run through the “Muffin Monster,” which is a screening process that removes foreign objects from the biodegradables. The waste is then pumped into a large 400,000-gallon holding tank, where it is simply stored for about a week. Chemical levels are constantly checked, and an aerator is run to distribute air inside the tank to help bacteria grow, which in turn helps break down the solid waste. Finally, it is pumped over to the sewer treatment plant where it is mixed and settled until the solids are separated from the liquids. From there it is sent to the “seepage cells” (fields of rock) where it is evaporated and dissolved into the earth.

One thing is for sure, Tom Grunewald really knows his crap.