JWC Releases the Revolutionary Auger Monster® as Need for Fine Screening Grows

In the 1990’s, fine screening’s popularity with wastewater plant managers was growing as they responded to stricter regulations as well as a need to protect newer treatment technologies. JWC’s R&D staff developed the Auger Monster® in 1996 with a focus on producing cleaner and drier screenings. It incorporated fine screening with a perforated plate, a unique shaftless auger design and a Muffin Monster® Grinder.

As an all-in-one headworks system the Auger Monster accomplishes several tasks in a small footprint – it grinds, screens, washes, dewaters and conveys solids from a channel flow. This unique solution resolved numerous solids issues and produced cleaner screenings than any product on the market. The grinder separates the organic waste from the other solids and returns it to the fluid stream.

“I like the idea of macerating the organics to get them back into the plant flow,” said John K. Earle, Plant Engineer at Plum Island treatment facility in South Carolina. “The Auger Monster produces neater, cleaner, and easier-to-handle material.”

The Auger Monster has found significant acceptance in smaller wastewater treatment plants that are looking for a fine screening solution but do not need a full belt perforated plate screen. Additionally, large institutions like prisons and military bases have selected the Auger Monster as the preferred solution to remove solids prior to sending waste onto the municipal treatment works.

In 1997 the Auger Monster won the Innovation Technology Award from the Water and Environment Federation (WEF).