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Wastewater is tough on grinders. Gritty material wears the cutters and acidic conditions corrode them. Previously, operators needed to choose hard steel alloy cutters and sacrifice corrosion resistance. Or choose softer corrosion-resistant stainless steel cutters and sacrifice abrasion resistance. Now you do not have to choose. JWC Monster Metal® is a hard, corrosion-resistant alloy. Monster Metal is a trade secret alloy with the right balance of carbon for strength and chromium for corrosion resistance. The result is Monster Metal increases the usable life of your grinder cutters. Plus there is an extended 5-year warranty on the Muffin Monster® and 3-year warranty on the Channel Monster® and Channel Monster® FLEX*.

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  • Typical hardness of wastewater alloy steel cutters.
  • Rockwell HRC 55-60.
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  • Higher chromium content typically associated with stainless steel.
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Longer Life

  • Best in combination abrasive, corrosive environments.
  • Double the life of typical industry cutters.
Monster Metal is available on the following Monsters: 30004T In-line Muffin Monster® 30005 Open-channel Muffin Monster® CMD-XD2.0 Single-drum Channel Monster® CDD-XD2.0 Dual-drum Channel Monster® Channel Monster® FLEX *Monster Metal Extended Warranty extends warranty coverage to a Monster Metal Muffin Monster cutter cartridge for five (5) years and to a Monster Metal Channel Monster cutter cartridge for three (3) years including most wear components. Monster Metal Extended Warranty is available only on select grinder models and in sewage installations.

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