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We save you money:

Muffin Monster’s quality performance not only allows you to spend time on what matters, it also helps you to avoid costly repairs.

We offer customized solutions:

Waste streams are different so your grinder cutter stacks should be too. JWC customizes solutions that fit to your needs and application.

We ship fast:

Who wants to wait 16 weeks for a grinder? Not us. That is why we ship our Muffin Monsters in two weeks*.
* Applied to our most popular 10k and 30k Muffin Monsters, as well as cutter options.

We protect your pumps:

Our patented technology helps to protect downstream equipment, ultimately saving you money and hassle.

We save you time:

Our equipment helps prevent unplanned maintenance.

We are reliable:

Our patented technology is time-tested for the last 45+ years, and we stand behind our products.


Wastewater treatment facilities demand fine screens that meets the high standard of debris removal from influent yet be reliable and easy to maintain. JWC’s in-channel Bandscreen Monster® and Finescreen Monster® meet these fine screening needs.

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Sludge Thickening

For BEST IN CLASS PERFORMANCE, meet the Monster Drum Thickener. Avoid additional capital & operational costs by pre-thickening sludge prior to centrifuging. With capture rates of ≥98% & 0.5%-3% solids thickened to 5%-15%, the Monster Drum Thickener is a value-added addition to your operation.

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Drum Screens

The Drumscreen Monster® protects sensitive treatment processes with incredibly high capture & removal rates for a wide range of debris. It is ideally suited to capture small particles & hair that can foul membrane bioreactors (MBRs) & other sensitive equipment, preventing unplanned maintenance.

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Auger Monster Screw Screen. Headworks Spiral Screen for small sewage plants

Small Plant Screening

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for every headworks installation. Small town treatment facilities, institutions and prisons need pre-treatment solution that fit their flows and budget. JWC’s Auger Monster is an all-in-one solution – fine screening, washing and compacting – sized right for these smaller installations.

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Wipes Ready®

Avoid the headaches triggered by unplanned shutdowns due to clogged pumps. JWC’s Wipes Ready technologies keeps systems running efficiently, saving money and preventing safety hazards. Wipes Ready is the cure to the flushable wipes’ headache.

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Bar Screen Monster Reciprocating Rake Bar Screen Automatic Bar Screen JWC Environmental

Automated Coarse Screen

Coarse screening at the headworks calls for the Chain and Rake Monster®. The highly efficient continuously raked bar screen handles large concentrations of debris and as well as heavy slugs of material. Protect downstream equipment from damaging debris with this Monster.

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