Improve Meat Waste Processing

Whether rendering, recovering animal protein or manufacturing pet food or animal feed, your processes can be made more efficient & effective with JWC products.

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Rendering, Protein Recovery, Animal Feed, Pet Food

JWC 3 & 4 SHRED machines next to each other


Grind Down All Variety of Feed Stock

Size Reduction Equipment

JWC Monster Industrial low-speed dual-shafted grinders are customizable for your exacting needs.

  • Variety of cutting chamber sizes
  • Specialized cutters work with or without spray water
  • Custom hoppers and stands
  • Variety of motors available
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Reduce Water Usage & Maximize Solids Recovery

Wastewater Screening Equipment

In rendering, pet food and animal feed processes, there are multiple steps where meat, oil and grease need to be removed from process water.

JWC customizes screen designs specific to these processes to keep screens cleaner with less water consumption while increasing solids removal and maximizing throughput!

  • Externally fed drum screens
  • Internally fed drum screens
  • Stationary sidehill screens
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