Wastewater debris varies.
So should your grinder cutters.

The Monster Stack has the right cutter at the right location. Debris in the waste stream varies throughout. The JWC Monster Stack customizes the cutters across the cutter stack to match the expected debris and environment.
Additional details can be found on the Monster Stack data sheet

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Right cutter, right location

  • Customized stack design for your waste stream
  • Mix & match different cutters in a single stack
  • Individual cutters manufactured to extremely tight tolerances to provide the best grinding and shearing action
  • Optimized grinder performance and longevity


For tough debris at the bottom of the waste stream


For acidic environments above the waterline

Longer Life

Optimal performance and unit longevity

What do you do with rocks, grit, and other heavy debris that flow at the bottom of the waste stream? The Monster Stack solution is an extra-thick 7-tooth cutter configuration to crush these tough solids. This extra-tough cutter arrangement makes quick work of these solids without sacrificing cutter life. The right cutter at the right location.

What about an aggressive corrosive environment for the cutters that are typically above the waterline? The Monster Stack uses corrosion-resistant stainless steel cutters from your typical waterline to the top of the cutter stack. Why wouldn’t you use stainless steel in the whole cutter stack? Stainless steel is a softer metal than the alloy steel of a typical grinder cutter. Therefore, stainless steel cutters will wear faster in an abrasive grinding application. No longer do you have to choose between abrasion-resistant cutters or corrosion-resistant cutters. The Monster Stack uses stainless steel cutters where corrosion resistance is needed and alloy steel cutters where abrasion resistance is needed. The right cutter at the right location.

Wipes Ready® Cutter

What about the debris that flows in the rest of the waste stream? The Monster Stack will customize the right cutter for your specific debris. 

  • Have a problem with wipes? Use a Wipes Ready cutter specifically designed to shred wipes into pieces that will not cause problems for downstream pumps.
  • Need a very small particle size? Use a thin, high-tooth count cutter to shred solids into small particles. 
  • Have a variety of solids and want an all-purpose cutter? Use a general-purpose cutter. 

The right cutter at the right location.

The possible configurations are unlimited. The Monster Stack is designed specifically for your application to give you the right cutters to address your specific grinding challenges in your waste stream, optimizing grinder performance and longevity.

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