Ready, Set Grind

JWC’s Monster Industrial Shredders can play an integral role in getting your source hemp ready for CBD oil extraction.

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Reliable Hemp Grinding for Oil Extraction

Easily shred down full hemp plants, to the exact needs of your extraction process.


High Throughput

  • Grind up to 1 ton per hour of flowers or trim
  • Quickly and efficiently process acres of hemp

Grind Full Plants and Tougher Materials

  • High cutting forces means our Monsters will shred through the most difficult items
  • Easily handles wet or dry materials

Replace Noisy and Dusty Hammer Mills

  • Low speed operations means less dust creating losses or health and safety concerns
  • Quiet operation due to powerful electric motors

Customize for Exact Process Requirements

  • We work with you to make sure particle size is ideal for your extraction process

Reliable Performance

  • Steel cutters hardened to 45-52 Rockwell
  • Heavy duty industrial components and construction
  • Automated controls, monitoring and safety systems



  • Easily handles wet and dry hemp
  • Grind full hemp plant
  • High throughput – shred up to 1 ton per hour
  • Low-speed operation means low noise and dust
  • High cutting forces – will shred through almost anything
  • Automated controls, monitoring and safety systems
  • Customized to meet process needs

Typical Applications

  • Hemp preconditioning for C02 hemp oil extraction
  • Hemp preconditioning for solvent hemp oil extraction
  • Full plant hemp shredding
  • Hemp shredding at harvest

Before our Monster Industrial Shedder

After our Monster Industrial Shedder

See how Oregon Natural Oils uses a Monster Industrial shredder to grind hemp for their exact needs.

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