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JWC’s Custom Solutions

Wastewater debris varies, so your cutter stack should, too. JWC Muffin Monsters feature:
• Customized cutter stacks for your specific needs.
• Ability to mix & match cutters in a single stack to process your specific waste stream.
• Extremely tight machine tolerance on cutters and spacers which minimizes open gaps and solids bypass.

The Other Guys

Non-customizable monolithic cutter stacks don’t address varying needs and require looser machining tolerances which means more open gaps and a higher chance of solids bypass.

JWC Technology

Fight the wipes crisis with Wipes Ready® technology. Serrated cutters and optimized cut control gear ratio shred solids into a confetti cut which cannot reweave.

The Other Guys

Serrated cutters are not available and larger cutter diameters produces longer strips which reweave causing pump clogs.

JWC Service

Save time and money by renewing your unit with a full cutter cartridge.
• Simply replace the worn cutter cartridge with a JWC factory-built Renew cartridge, that includes a full warranty.
• Minimize downtime with cartridges that don’t have to be removed until the Renew unit (ships as fast as one week) arrives.

The Other Guys

Repairs are not covered by a warranty and increase downtime and manpower as you must:
• Clean the repair unit before service
• Disassemble the repair unit
• Identify replacement parts
• Wait for replacement parts (up to 16 weeks for replacement monolithic cutter stack)
• Reassemble the unit

JWC Reliability

Mechanical seals on the top and bottom mean:
• Shaft stability
• Minimized shaft deflection
• Even load distribution

The Other Guys

Bearings only on top can lead to:
• Shaft deflection
• Shaft flexion which allows solids to pass
• Stress to the upper seal which can cause permanent failure

JWC Fast Delivery

Units ship as fast as 1 week; saving money and time.

The Other Guys

Delivery can take up to 16 weeks which costs.

JWC Is the Market Leader

JWC is the market leader with over 45 years in the business and more than 40,000 deliveries of the Muffin Monster. JWC grinders set the gold standard for quality.

The Other Guys

There’s a reason the name Muffin Monster is synonymous with dual-shafted grinders.

When you compare grinders, the choice is clear.

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