Wipes Being Dropped Into Toilet

Article: Wastewater Is Changing – Are You Protected?

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The Advantage of Conditioning Solids

Today’s wastewater stream is dramatically different than just a decade ago. Yet, many municipal wastewater treatment plants are functioning under older designs and are not optimized for the new reality.

The surge in usage of “flushable” wipes, a relatively recent phenomenon, has been the most significant factor in altering the waste stream. Although marketed as flushable, these products are a growing cause of major blockages because they don’t readily break down. This has also led to an increase in the public perception that all wipes — as well as many other things that were never meant to be flushed — can be discarded in toilets.

As a result, the influx of new material is wreaking havoc on wastewater treatment systems that were only designed to deal with human waste and toilet paper… Read the full article here.

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