Sept 9th – Dr. Oz Talked Flushable Wipes on His National Talk Show

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Dr. Oz talked about flushable wipes during his Tuesday, September 9 talk show. He took a tour of a New York City wastewater treatment plant and saw the problem of clogged sewer systems up close. He warned people to look before they flush – those wipes might not be as flushable as you think.

NACWA’s Cynthia Finley was also one of Dr. Oz’s guests and described the importance of only flushing the 3Ps – pee, poo and toilet paper. Toilets are not trash cans Ms. Finley reminded the audience.

Dr. Oz recommended using a spray bottle on toilet paper to create a wet wipe. Or perhaps the new Wipe Aide toilet paper moistener?

Is Dr. Oz changing his habits when it comes to using flushable wipes? Seems like he might be switching back to T.P. after Tuesday’s episode. Here is a description from a 2011 Dr. Oz show where he took viewers on a tour of his dressing room…

Instead of toilet paper, Dr. Oz likes to use flushable baby wipes with soothing aloe and Vitamin E. The wipes are soothing and help him feel healthier by not causing abrasion to the tender skin of the backside.

Wipes maker Kimberly Clark had their own view on the problem of wipes in sewer pipes and issued a statement.

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