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Preventative Maintenance Program
Multi-Point Inspection & Service

The JWC Preventative Maintenance Program is designed to protect you from unexpected downtime and extend the life of your equipment.

It is no secret that preventative maintenance is a must for harsh duty equipment. But that routine maintenance gets tougher to do when you consider the challenges facing our wastewater operators today–fewer staff members, less equipment standardization and an aging infrastructure. That’s where JWC’s Preventative Maintenance Program comes in.

Our factory service technicians will travel to your sites to assess the equipment’s overall performance, perform routine maintenance and provide a detailed report with recommendations to improve operations and extend equipment life. It is also an excellent time to train your staff on the equipment in your facilities.

Service Detail – Grinder / Channel Monster

  • Inspect & tighten cutter stack
  • Caliper evaluation of cutters
  • Inspect intermediate bearings (yoke supports)
  • Grease yoke supports
  • Inspect and grease gear reducer
  • Inspect and test motor:
    • Amp draw
    • Vibration
    • Temperature
  • Inspect motor drive couplings
  • Download and analyze controller data
  • Inspect rotating drums (if applicable)

Service Detail – Engineered Systems

  • If Grinder is present: Perform grinder inspection & service
  • Inspect grinder drive and grease gear reducer
  • Inspect auger brush, drive and gearbox
  • Inspect and test motor:
    • Amp draw
    • Vibration
    • Temperature
  • Inspect & adjust all spray wash solenoids and spray bars
  • Adjust Auger run cycle and frequency to maximize cleanliness and dryness of the output
  • Download and analyze controller data

Service Detail – Screens

  • Inspect overall performance & operation of the unit
  • Adjust controls for optimal performance
  • Check chain for wear and adjust tension
  • Inspect clean & adjust solenoid valves for proper operation, if necessary
  • Inspect and test motor:
    • Amp draw
    • Vibration
    • Temperature
  • Inspect and grease all bearings
  • Inspect tracking system for wear
  • Tighten all loose fasteners
  • Adjust brush or scraper assembly


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Whether you’re looking to optimize performance or extend the life of your Monster screen, our service team can repair/rebuild your screen on-site. Bring your Monster screen back to “like new” condition with our rebuild services. This exclusive JWC program replaces all wear parts of your Monster screen and provides a one year warranty on all parts and labor. Our trained technicians will perform the work on site using OEM parts.


  • Return unit to a “like new” condition at a fraction of new unit cost.
  • Reduce likelihood of unexpected or catastrophic failures.
  • Extend equipment life.
  • Improve operational efficiency.
  • New one year warranty.

Typical Replacement For:

Bandscreen Monster®

  • Complete chain replacement
  • Upgrade flat seals (between the panels)
  • Side seals (between panels and chain)
  • Drive bearings
  • Lip seals
  • Panel hardware
  • Labyrinth seals
  • UHMW chain guide support

Bar Screen Monster®

  • Tracking system
  • Pin Rack system
  • Involute gears
  • UHMW wiper bar

Finescreen Monster®

  • Complete chain replacement
  • Side seals (between panels and chain)
  • Drive bearings
  • Lip seals
  • Panel hardware
  • Bottom Brush
  • Rotating brush segments
  • Flat Seals (UHMW PANELS ONLY)

Chain & Rake Monster®

  • Complete chain replacement
  • UHMW scraper
  • Bearings
  • Lip seals
  • Hardware

JWCE Guarantees for Monster Screen Rebuild Services

Like a New Monster for the Price of a Repair

Original Performance

Breathe new life into an old Monster. With Monster original parts you’ll get better performance and a longer service life.

One-Year Warranty

A full one-year warranty on rebuilt Monster Screens.

No Hidden Fees

We offer one price so quoting and invoicing are no hassle.

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  • Quick turnaround
  • Minimizes downtime
  • 1 year warranty

Spare Cutter cartridge

  • Spare on site
  • Eliminates downtime
  • 1 year warranty

Genuine Parts

  • Guaranteed OEM parts
  • 30 day parts warranty


  • Unit completely rebuilt
  • Factory trained professional performing rebuild
  • 1 year warranty

Grinder Cartridge with all housing assembled and ready for installation



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17 Tooth WIPES READY Cutters*

  • Serrated edges
  • Knurled spacers
  • Cuts in two directions

Delta P* Side Rails

  • Superior capture and directing solids into cutters
  • Material hydraulically washed into cutters

½” Perforated Drums

  • 59% better capture than coil drum
  • Resists build-up of grease or other material

Optimized Cut Control*

  • Better cutter clean out
  • Better cutting to small strips

Service_Maintenance_Chart_2* Patent Pending

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